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Femi Kuti joins protest on his father, Fela’s birthday

Femi Kuti honoured his legendary father Fela Kuti’s memory by joining the protest against police brutality on October 15, 2020, exactly 82 years since the deceased was born.

Fela, who died in August 1997 is revered in Nigeria and across the continent. The musician was a critic of the corruption and the mistreatment of Nigerian citizens.

And many believe Fela would be proud of the youth speaking up against police violence, corruption among other unacceptable things happening in Nigeria.

The eldest son of Afrobeat pioneer, Femi Kuti joined protesters on Thursday in Alausa. He wrote on Twitter.

It’s not my protest. It’s the protest of the youths. I just love that they are standing up against any form of oppression. I only show up NOT to claim but to let them know many of us love them. PLS KEEP THE PROTEST PEACEFUL

How can anyone say they don’t know or understand what the young people are saying. Sheybi we are living in this country together ke?


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