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Justin Bieber reaches out to Selena Gomez, complains wife Hailey Baldwin is ‘too religious’

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s past romance had always been the talk of town.

And now, if reports are to be believed, the past paramours are supposedly back in contact as the Yummy crooner is said to have spoken about his wife Hailey Baldwin to the Rare hit maker.

As per The Sun, “Selena has kept her distance from Justin but he recently started contacting her again. He doesn’t believe he should be cut off from those people he was closest to in his life and doesn’t believe talking is cheating.”

“He loves Hailey dearly but he does complain about her sometimes and Selena says it’s sad,” said the insider

He feels she is a little too obsessed with religions sometimes. He basically feels like she has gone too far,” they added.

“Selena understands Justin never stopped loving her and also realizes quarantining during Covid has been tough for most relationships so she isn’t surprised that he has been calling,” the grapevine revealed.

“She doesn’t mind being a shoulder to cry on but really doesn’t want it to get back to Hailey. She knows how much that would hurt. Selena is kind and the last thing she would ever want would be to be part of trouble in their relationship. She has moved on,” said The Sun’s source.

Selena and Justin had been in an on and off relationship since 2011 and had parted ways for good in 2018, right before he proposed to supermodel Hailey Baldwin following their three-month relationship.

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