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BBNaija: ‘Stop seeking pity votes like Efe’ – Nigerians slam Laycon

Lockdown housemate, Laycon, on the chopping board.

Fans accused Laycon of putting up a ‘pity card’ strategy like Efe, BBNaija season 3 winner, following an emotional story narrated by him during a conversation with Prince about how he lost his father to illness.

Laycon revealed that he was going to dedicate his painting task to his dad and added that he wants to make his mother proud with his music career after he is done with the show.


However, Nigerians are of the view Laycon is using his struggles to amass pity votes like 2018 BBNaija winner, Efe, a Warri boy who used his touching life story to get sympathy votes.

Here are some of the comments gotten from Twitter:


@Kingcassandra “Can’t Laycon speak about his life? How many times has he spoken about his life story only today and you want to bring pity card nonsense. Laycon likes to repeat stuff to know people’s opinion. So better know this and rest.”


@Iamcynthia “ Hmm Na wah oh! This Laycon pity me tactics is getting old and annoying. He is seriously playing for pity votes.”


@Cjesssie “ Laycon be getting pity votes. Come and beat me I have said it and it’s true.”


@Ese “ A couple of old housemates have tried it in the past. Efe was one of them.”


@Bervelynn “ Nigerians like voting for people based on pity and poverty and it’s annoying. Big brother better make voting available to all african countries and see South Africans, Ghanaians and Uganda’s vote based on pure love and not pity. BBN isn’t a poverty alleviated show.”


@Ese “As in, that’s exactly what I told my mom. That Laycon’s strategy is the pity script. Fell for it once with Efe, not falling for it again.”


@Oyinbabes “ What are you talking about? Nengi said she lost her parents, No one said she’s looking for pity votes, Erica talked about how she was raised by a single parent no one said pity votes. Laycon talking to vee about his task which concerns his dad is pity votes?


@Liz518 “ Laycon is playing the sympathy card, he is out playing all the housemates.”


@Ifylish “ Laycon has no flipping content whatsoever, without Erica who the hell would he be in that house? A mop in the corner trying to push for pity votes.”


@Chimeeb “ Laycon is now tired because Erica said she is done. Bye boy, stop looking for pity votes for you and Vee.”


@MizVerma “To be honest, I disagree with that laycon votes are pity votes . He has proved to be very smart and talented in the house so drop this agenda and allow his fans vote in peace. He earned those votes without pity. “

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