How I Became a Lesbian After Bathing with My Best Friend- A Lady Shares Her Story

Sometimes the close relationship with our friends makes certain things normal to us such as bathing together and others. Sometimes it strengthens the bond you have as friends and on the other hand it can become a curse. People have indulged in behaviors they never thought of but circumstances have led them into it.

A young lady with an undisclosed identity during a session, expressed her desire to quit a behavior she is shy and shameful to voice to people for help but it was gradually making her depressed some years back. It all began when she had a bath with her friend who visits their home on several occasions. Prior to their first incident, they have been bathing together often and did not experienced any strange feelings on the side of her friend. So it never occurred to her that this will happen. She said after they have finished bathing one day, her friend approached her while her towel was on, telling her how beautiful her body is and would have married her if she was to be a male. When they got to the room, her friend pushed her on the bed and started touching her seductively until she fell for it. After that incident it has been a normal practice among them, later her friend started getting furious when she is around any man. Although, she was in the act with her, but she had feelings for the opposite sex more than what they do.

Our societal norms, beliefs and religious doctrines frowns upon such acts; making people in such situations who wants assistance finds it difficult to voice out their grievances. It is an abominable act but stigmatizing people who are victims is not helping to curb the practice. After getting an assistance from a counselor with a social work background at least she was able to offer her some supports which helped her to create a distance between her and the friend. Eventually she got a partner and she is having her first child. She couldn’t get any help for her friend to refrain from her behavior because they never had a good relationship after the gap in their closeness. She said according to her friend, she was also introduced into the act during her SHS days by her friends and it has been part of her.

I write this article to draw the attention of many people who are caught in a such web but takes it for granted. Well, we can bath with our friends of the same sex group but sometimes the unpleasant thing can happen, which will land us into trouble. Let us be very cautious and pray for those indulging in such practice.

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