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Why Regina Daniels has been appearing alone in photos lately?

Shortly after they got married, Nollywood actress Regina Daniels and her billionaire husband Ned Nwoko were trending everywhere. The internet was full of the photos that they had together. From attending shows together to even sharing photos from their honey moon, the couple stole the show and captured the moment for many months.

But it seems that the reality of getting married to a man who is almost 60 years old has began to dawn on actress Regina Daniels who is barely 23 years old. It has been difficult for her to cope with the public criticisms that trailed the marriage.

But what is worrying her fans now is not the fact of her marriage which is already too late, it is whether the actress is happy with her husband who allegedly has other wives. The actress has been sharing photos alone sincere the honeymoon ended and she has not made much reference to her husband.

She has also been making a lot of post about self love and spending time with herself and that is making er ardent fans to be worried. They do not expect anything less than the best of relationships for the young actress who is believed to have a bright future.

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