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This is How Davido escaped a 4th baby mama



You just can’t get enough of this drama, can you? except the fact that Davido’s fiancé Chioma Avril Rowland tested positive to CoronaVirus It has been so long since anything major happened in Davido’s personal life that you just feel this need to revisit the old juicy stories.

Once again, I bring you the Davido baby mama saga with all the details.Find out everything about Davido’s personal life here.I probably do not have to tell you who Davido is. If you are reading this, you are already invested in his life story.

Therefore, I will not waste time on retelling his biography for the millionth time. All you need to know is that he was born on November 21, 1992 and that he is a famous Nigerian musician.

His worldwide fame attracted a lot of women. Today, however, I will tell you about the most famous three and the almost number four. These ladies managed to get their own shot at stardom by giving birth to Davido’s children. And if you have been following Davido for a while, you probably know what is coming next.

Sophie Momodu and the first Davido baby

The feud between Sophie Momodu and Davido was the top story on all of the gossip websites of Nigeria back in 2015. There is probably no one who has not heard every little detail of each of their fights. However, we will still recap it for those who are new to the Davido baby mama scene.

The two met in 2013, and at first, their romance was steamy. But the relationship became rocky quickly, and the two split in 2014. Later, Davido claimed that it could have never worked out.

He said that Sophie took advantage of him, as he was only 21 when they met, while she was 26. But guess what:Davido turned out to be old enough to get Sophie pregnant. In May, 2015, she gave birth to Aurora Imade Adeleke.

Things got only worse from there. At first, Davido denied his fatherhood altogether. Then, when the DNA test proved him wrong, he accused Sophie of being a terrible mother and illegally took the child to another country.

For almost a year, Sophie tried to get her daughter back and to disprove the allegations that she had been smoking pot while breastfeeding.

Only after involving her uncle Dele Momodu, the CEO of Ovation, she was able to get her child back.

Baby mama saga today, it might seem like all that has never happened. Only two years ago, Davido slandered Sophie’s name all over his social media. Now,the two are best friends. Imade is living with her mother, but her father visits her often, when he is off tour.

As it turns out, one baby mama is not enough for Davido. While he was on business in the United States, he met Amanda, or Mandy. Little is known about this woman or their romance in general. We know that Mandy is 24, she is a student at Georgia State University and she lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Everything else is a mystery.

The first news about her appeared in March of 2017, when she blew up the Nigerian Internet with the pictures of her pregnant belly. The same month, Davido admitted that Mandy was indeed carrying his child in his interview with Beat FM.

In May, the couple held a baby shower for their future child. A few days later, precisely on May 9th, 2017, Mandy gave birth to Hailey Veronica Adeleke.

This time, Davido was happy to admit his fatherhood, and he was even present during the birth.

There has been little drama between Davido and Amanda. The two seem to get along much better than Davido and Sophie, but the singer does not plan to settle down with Mandy. Which might be why she reacted so explosively to Davido’s Ghanaian fling.

When news surfaced about Davido having fun in Ghana, Amanda took to Snapchat to call out Davido and his ‘prostitutes’. As the word was plural, it is no wonder that miss Sophia Momodu thought that the post was about her as well. She, too, wrote some unflattering things in her Snapchat story, but the fight did not seem to go much further.

At the time, Davido was on tour in America. However, neither he, nor Amanda have any photos together. Who knows, maybe he is too busy, or maybe all the love is gone.

Chioma gave birth to Ifeanyi David Adeleke on October 20th 2019.

Born on the 1st of May, 1995, Chioma Avril Rowland is a Nigerian chef,entrepreneur and fiance to top superstar singer, Davido.She comes from Imo State, Nigeria, and was born to Seventh-day Adventists parents.

Her sister, Jennifer Rowland is a fashion designer and Chioma often models her creations.

Talking about her education, Chef Chi is a former Economics student of the Babcock University, where Davido passed out from too.

They met while still in school, and have been reportedly dating for over six years. Chioma came into limelight after being associated with the superstar artist, and has a deal with the Sapphire Scents as well as a good number of other top brands.They are set to wed this 2020,but we will see how things play out for them.

Ayotomide Labinjo,the alleged Fourth Davido baby mama
Not too long after Davido’s interview about his second baby mama, another woman came forward claiming to be the mother of Davido’s child.

The name of this woman is Ayotomide Labinjo. All that is known about her is that she is 26 years old and that she is from Ibadan.

She claimed that, although she only met Davido twice, they still managed to sleep together both times. This happened back in 2013.

When Ayotomide realised she was pregnant, she told Davido about it, but he wanted nothing to do with it.

At the end of 2013, she gave birth to a baby girl named Michelle Anuoluwapo. It came as no surprise when Davido refused to acknowledge the child as his.

However, he could not ignore the situation much longer, as Ayotomide took the story to her lawyer. After long consideration, both sides decided to perform a DNA test.

The DNA test results showed that Davido was not the father. However, Ayotomide was not satisfied with that.

She argued that she saw Davido paying the doctor who performed the test after his father had already paid for the procedure. Both Davido and the doctor disproved these accusations, and the story went away for a few years.

You might be wondering:Why did it surface almost three years later? Ayotomide said that she wanted to make Davido claim responsibility for his child. Despite the initial DNA test proving that he was not the father, the woman was still convinced that Davido paid off the doctors to fabricate it. She is even ready to go to court and demand the second DNA test just to make Davido take care of his alleged child.

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