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Covid_19: The True Test of Humanity
Humanity is fast going into extinction, what we have now is a jungle, a system where everyone is predating is fellow human.
The out burst of Covid19  from China and later to  other parts of the world, not leaving our nation out is the true test  of humanity.
I have seen on social media how people in other countries extend help to the poor, needy and less privileged, pictures won’t  lie. We likewise have well meaning Nigerians who did the same by extending help to the needy.
However, what is available in most part of our states is how people, common man, take to their social media to lampoon and lambaste the government for their shortfalls, it is ironic that these same folks who are pharises, fail the true test of humanity that Covid19 is teaching.
There’s no better time to test for humanity than now, and humanity test starts from the gross disobedience of the public to governments directive on the lockdown targeted to contain the spread of the pandemic, humanity test starts from the unscrupulous treatment of citizens by some law enforcement agents, humanity test starts from the insensitivity of some religious leaders to the menace at hand by going against the no crowd instruction of the government, humanity test starts from the office of the accountant general of the federation getting burnt when issue of accountability is in the air. humanity test also starts from you not thinking of what that less privileged family next door is going through during this lockdown,
The scenario of Covid 19 is an aphorism of the proverb in Yoruba, which says, heaven is falling; it is not the peril of just one man.
Oyebisi Abayomi writes from we no go gree Ministry
IG: abayomi_soam
FB:Oyebisi Abayomi
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