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Davido Reply the fan, who ask the father to fix their village road instead of buying a private jet



Adeleke Davido has been questioned by his fan who has been burdening over the way Adeleke’s family spends their money everyday.

Fan ask the popular musician, Davido Adeleke that everyday his father will be buying new private jet, every time he will change another new private jet,why can’t him use the money to fix the road that lead to their village, a way to there home is bad and he can’t fix it, all he could do is to be spending and buying new private jet.

The fan who expresses himself on Davido’s timeline was answered.

Davido replied the young man that, is not that fixing the road is not in their mind but they will not allow them to fix it.

Meaning that they have attempted trying to fix the road but the permission was to given to them.

Davido shared the conversation between him and his fan on his Instagram page for other fan who are reasoning the same to know why they have not attempted fixing the bad road.

Below is their conversation;


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