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Cough or sneeze around Bobrisky and receive the dirtiest slap of a lifetime



Things in Nigeria are not any better than the rest of the world. Everyone is on the alert, living in fear and panic and the only thing any of us can do is to hope and wait for this cloud to pass too.

A few hours ago, Nigerian recorded its first Coronavirus-related death case. According to CNN, the country’s Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) divulged the sad news to the public via a tweet.

The deceased reportedly is a 67 years old man who came to Nigeria from the UK just this March.

Airports have been closed, schools have been closed, we are been advised constantly to socially distance ourselves from people and to wash our hands regularly under running water as well as the use of hand sanitizers.

The streets are no longer safe and the only thing we can do is to stay indoors as much as we can if what we are going to do out there is not a matter of great urgency.

Do you now understand why Bobrisky is making lots of sense with this post? According to the African Male Barbie, she would immediately slap anyone who dares sneeze or cough around her.

She could have said it any better.

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